Welcome to Crunchy Runner Coaching! I’m passionate about helping everyday runners, like myself, achieve their goals.

With the right plan and strategy, any runner can improve. Let me help you take the guesswork out to reach the next level.


I’m Kassie, a running coach in Portland, Oregon. I began running on a whim at the age of 21 with little knowledge. After a few months, I worked up to one mile per day. A few half marathons later, I developed a passion.

In late 2015, I began to learn about the physiology of the sport and trained to achieve a newfound dream — qualifying for the Boston Marathon. In June 2016, I earned my first BQ at Grandmas Marathon in Duluth, MN. This lit a fire and I was hooked.

After my running dramatically improved , friends asked for advice and help with their training. I learned more to help them (and myself) achieve goals.

I became an RRCA-certified running coach in February 2017 and have coached runners of many abilities:

•Complete beginners
•First-time marathoners
•Experienced runners aiming for a PR
•Runners looking to build a strong base
•New moms training for their first post-baby race
•Runners coming back from injury


Work With Me

I firmly believe anyone can achieve their goals. My favorite kind of runner to coach is one who works hard and is committed to their goals.

I enjoy writing training plans to improve race times, especially for those aiming to qualify for Boston.

A training plan is  “good” only if it works for you and your schedule. Every person is unique; what works for your friend or running partner may not work for you.

I’d love to help build you a custom plan and identify areas of improvement. Let me help take the guesswork out.


Personalized Coaching

  • Includes evaluation of your running history, current fitness level, goals, preferences, etc.
  • Customized training plan with adjustments when necessary
  • Pacing advice during training (no guessing and hoping for the best)
  • Racing strategy and plan
  • Weekly formal check-ins with other check-ins as needed
  • Available by email, text, or phone as needed

$85 – per month
$240 – 3 months
$450 – 6 months

Training Plans

  • Includes evaluation of your running history, current fitness level,  goals, preferences, etc.
  • Personalized training plan (no adjustments)

Half marathon – $40
Marathon – $50

Interested in something not listed? Email me and let’s talk about it.