I’m Kassie, a running coach in Portland, Oregon. I began running on a whim at the age of 21 with little knowledge. After a few months, I worked up to one mile per day. A few half marathons later, I developed a passion.

In late 2015, I began to learn about the physiology of the sport and trained to achieve a newfound dream — qualifying for the Boston Marathon. In June 2016, I earned my first BQ at Grandmas Marathon in Duluth, MN. A fire was lit, and I was hooked.

After my running dramatically improved , friends asked for advice and help with their training. I learned more to help them (and myself) achieve goals.

I’m RRCA and VDOT 02 certified. I’ve coached runners of many abilities:

•First-time marathoners
•Experienced runners aiming for a PR
•Runners looking to build a strong base
•New moms training for their first post-baby race
•Runners coming back from injury