Work With Me

I firmly believe anyone can achieve their goals. My favorite kind of runner to coach is one who works hard and is committed to their goals.

I enjoy writing training plans to improve race times, especially for those aiming to qualify for Boston.

A training plan is  “good” only if it works for you and your schedule. Every person is unique; what works for your friend or running partner may not work for you.

I’d love to help build you a custom plan and identify areas of improvement. Let me help take the guesswork out.


Personalized Coaching

  • Evaluation of your running history, current fitness level, goals, preferences, etc.
  • Customized training plan with adjustments when necessary
  • Pacing advice during training (no guessing and hoping for the best)
  • Racing strategy and plan
  • Weekly formal check-ins with other check-ins as needed
  • Available by email, text, or phone as needed

$85 – per month (4 calendar weeks)
$240 – 3 months
$450 – 6 months

Training Plans

  • Evaluation of your running history, current fitness level,  goals, preferences, etc.
  • Personalized training plan (no adjustments)

Half marathon – $50
Marathon – $70

Interested in something not listed? Email me and let’s talk.